Founder and managing director of Sales Leadership, Des McCluskey, has been helping companies across the UK and Europe to grow their businesses for the last 15 years. His strong passion for learning and coaching, combined with natural selling and leadership skills have seen him succeed in sales at every level – from his first role as a sales person, to senior management positions, including being sales director of one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, overseeing its entire business training requirements.

The Sales Leadership brand was born from a belief that to achieve and accelerate a growth in sales, the focus has to be on two critical elements – long term behavioural change management and measuring the return on investment. Sales Leadership applies this strategy for success and steers companies to get closer to customers and make the most of their sales potential. The value of consulting, coaching, training and supporting, is vital to drive the long term behavioural change process and ensure companies get the highest return from their training budgets.

Sales training and coaching have to mirror each company’s unique selling environment and their customers’ buying processes. Too many training courses are classroom based and a large proportion of change management programmes are neither properly planned nor tailored towards specific business objectives. Sales Leadership bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world, coaching sales people and managers in realistic scenarios, through proven behavioural development techniques. The company’s cross-industry expertise in sales training practices and processes can help every business to improve its selling acumen and effectiveness.

The Sales Leadership offering is bespoke and experiential training for complex business to business sales. People learn better by doing.