The formula is simple. In every business the behaviours of sales people are linked to success. If investing in your sales teams is not driving the desired improvements – it is time to Change Behaviours.

At Sales Leadership, we provide the “how” and help to break habits and change behaviours for the long term. We have extensive experience of working in and observing this industry and have learnt that it takes time for new behaviours to become ingrained into a company. Every member of a sales team plays a critical role as the company evolves – however the behavioural change ethos has to come from leaders and management.

We offer the three vital elements that drive behavioural change – providing the highest level of consultancy, training and coaching to meet the specific needs of your business.

Consultancy – The right level of involvement and support

We start right at the beginning. Exploring precisely what stage you are in the process, the purpose and your end goal. Whether you are just looking for an effective learning event, a method to measure changes or looking to undertake a major transformation project. Sales Leadership owns the results you want to achieve in your business and this means staying involved and providing that vital ongoing support. For further information see How We Work.

Training – Put your investment in the right trainer, not just in training


Only 10% of learning from training is retained after three months. People learn by doing – which is why 70% of learning happens on the job and it is crucial to invest in the highest quality coaches and training. Sales people and their leaders need training that is relevant and reflects the changing market place. Our training methodology is based on principles of adult and experiential learning, connecting every situation to real-life scenarios. For further information see How We Work.
Graphic based on the Learning Philosophy, developed by the Center for Creative Leadership

Coaching – Getting Sales Leaders to lead

Teaching managers and sales managers how to coach can produce a substantial return on training investment. Why? A single trained manager can coach multiple sales representatives and significantly boost their overall performance. The direct correlation between effective sales coaching and top-line revenue can be realised if sales leaders are taught how to lead. At Sales Leadership, we can support sales managers – from addressing specific issues through one-to-one coaching, facilitating problem solving or supporting professional development. For further information see How We Work.
Graphic based on the GROW Model developed by Sir John Whitmore

John Kotter – Eight Steps to Transforming Your Businesskotter

Four decades of research by leadership and change guru Dr. John Kotter revealed that more than 70% of all major transformation efforts fail. Why? Because businesses do not take a consistent, holistic approach to changing themselves, nor do they engage their workforces effectively.

The result was Kotter’s renowned 8-Step Process for leading change. After observing the behaviour and results of several hundred businesses and company leaders in their attempts to transform and execute their strategies, Kotter identified and extracted the success factors and combined them into his 8-Step Process methodology. The carefully executed approach focuses on the different stages of change and what actions should be taken to overcome each hurdle.

At Sales Leadership, we follow Kotter’s tried and tested philosophy on planning for change management. Transformation is a long term process, not a short term event. The Sales Leadership team can guide businesses throughout the life cycle and critical stages of change, to ensure that every company can have the most effective and successful transformation.