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Sales Leadership is part of the Miller Heiman global network of elite sales performance consultants. Recognised as the world leader in sales performance, Miller Heiman’s renowned metholodologies include a range of simple, powerful processes, tools and technologies that help drive performance through complex sales cycles and in ever demanding market places. The Miller Heiman metholodologies form the theoretical element of the Sales Leadership offering, complementing the company’s highly effective and interactive, ‘real-life’ approach. For further information click on the ‘how we work’ section.

The home of world famous Programmes such as:

Everything DiscEverything DiSC®

The most trusted behavioural profiling instrument in the industry, Everything DiSC® is used by millions of training and coaching professionals across the globe. The tool helps to identify behavioural style by measuring the attributes, preferences and aspects of the respondent’s personality and is used by Sales Leadership to assist businesses to build stronger relationships, improve communication and increase the performance of individuals, teams, and the overall company.

cohesive teamFive Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

An assessment-driven learning experience for strengthening the effectiveness of intact teams. It is powered by Everything DiSC® using Lencioni’s proven model, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The assessment and personalised profile provide both individual and team feedback, to help organisations identify where they are at as a team, and where they need to get to for greater efficiency.