Business needs are complex. How we work is simple.

We dig deep to understand your company’s unique needs and culture, then we engage leadership and front line managers to help create a tailored programme to set you on the path to sustained and measured success

 1. Seek first to understand.

At Sales Leadership, our starting point is getting to know you – understanding how the business works, your internal environment and any external factors that impact your people, processes and performance. We combine this knowledge with our extensive experience, give you our expert perspective and then work together as a team to agree priorities. (Insert image of sales training, effectiveness, transformation.) This discovery and exploration stage will see us investigate where you want to move the needle in your business and help to identify the behaviours and the skills you need to get there.- (For further information see ROI section)

We apply the sound principles of the Kirkpatrick model and keep the focus on the end results throughout the entire process.

The Kirkpatrick Model…with a twist

Kirkpatrick Model

2. Cultural Adoption Workshopscultural-adoption

Every piece of intelligent research on the topic states that change does not happen in a training room. At Sales Leadership, we believe it needs to be planned with the leaders in the business, measured and reinforced. Real behaviour change only happens if you are able to bring three factors together at the same time – high capability of the individuals; high motivation of those individuals for the task; and finally you have to plan the triggers that stimulate the behaviours you want, at the times you want them.

The Cultural Adoption Workshop is the first fundamental part of this process and will help leadership and sales management teams apply the three critical concepts with simple, effective daily habits. The workshop ties the business result, key behaviours and measurement together into a robust implementation and communication plan. We will facilitate your plan and demonstrate real-life examples of how it can succeed in practice.

3. Design & Tailorppt

Every business is unique and the Sales Leadership solutions will be too. We provide a customised plan to meet your company’s individual requirements. The common theme across all of our programs is that that people learn better by doing. We follow a strict ethos in the workshops, and all simulations and activities focus on a ‘real-world’ environment – whether it is using one of your specific accounts during bid development sessions or enacting a sales meeting using specialist actors or ‘real’ customers. Sales Leadership workshops are highly interactive with proven techniques including competitive games, lots of movement, group discussions and application to real scenarios. It is people, not Powerpoint, that are central to the success of our workshops.

4. A taste of our main workshops:

  • Sales Simulations
  • Sales Manager Coaching
  • Sales call execution
  • Deal pursuit
  • Bid analysis
  • Strategic account management
  • Channel partner management
  • Funnel management
  • Funnel scorecard design
  • Sales academy
  • Sales Induction
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Team dynamics
  • Behavoiur Styles

For further information on How We Work or about our workshops, contact us at Sales Leadership.

How we work

We change behaviours, we change cultures, we help you get results