You are investing time and money, you need to see the resultsbehaviours

At Sales Leadership, results are everything, but being able to measure and demonstrate them is even more essential. If you cannot measure the impact of your training programme – how can you demonstrate the worth of your investment? Success is not limited to achieving the end goal – measurement has to start at the beginning, and be a continued focus in the business, before you see the end results. Sales Leadership helps you to measure leading and lagging indicators to keep the focus high and ensure the momentum is not lost after a single training event.

We use the sound methodologies of the Kirkpatrick Model to help you identify and achieve your end goal. We begin with the end in mind. Together we will focus on:

  • The results – The specific business results you want to impact
  • The changes – The key behaviours required to make the changes and achieve results
  • The tools – What your people need to do to adopt these behaviours
  • The plan – A tailored and precise implementation plan to make it happen

The Kirkpatrick Model…with a twist

We help clients to find the best ROI metrics that link the results to the behaviours. Prioritising key behaviours is critical, we encourage leadership teams to identify two or three fundamental behaviours to focus on during a 12 month period. Less is certainly more for those companies that want to see rapid success. Every company is different, so we keep our method simple by aligning the metrics and measurement with the organisation’s existing processes.

We also help engage your leadership teams by mapping out a precise plan to ensure all the stakeholders have the ability to contribute. The clear lines of accountability will drive motivation for every individual involved in the initiative.

 Your return on investment will be both financial and behavioural – Sales Leadership can help you to measure and evaluate the overall impact of your programme. The results will be transparent, the return will be carefully measured and your sales success transformed.