Relevant and real-life training

At Sales Leadership, we know that every business is unique and this has to be reflected in any kind of training, coaching and change programme. We carefully tailor our solutions to ensure they are right for your specific environment and sales organisation. The Sales leadership team all have extensive experience of buying and selecting sales training. What we discovered was a glaring gap between the training room and the real world, so we replicate common sales scenarios to develop people’s skills for complex tasks. Our techniques can be taken into the sales environment to raise confidence levels and improve performance in front of customers.

People learn better by doing

Which is precisely why we make our training fun and different. We work with clients to design competitive simulations using actors, competitor customers and procurement professionals. Delivered by experts in their field using proven methodologies and behaviour change techniques, training is taken out of the classroom and into the real world

Long term ownership

We own your results and care about what happens after the training and the positive impact it has had to your business. Through our perspective, consulting, training programmes and hands on follow up, you can get the results you want to win complex deals, manage the largest accounts and change sales team behaviours.

Sales people not trainers

First and foremost we are business practitioners and active sales people. Sales leaders & learning professionals like the fact we have walked in their shoes and understand the risks and rewards of investing in good development. We are passionate about the role of sales managers in making a difference and sustaining the change of behaviours through coaching.

Return on Investment

Make wise training investments. At Sales Leadership, we believe that if you are not going to measure the impact of training – don’t spend the money. We measure the leading and lagging indicators to keep the focus high and ensure the momentum does not dwindle after a single training event. For further information see Return on Investment.

Leading by example

Sales Managers are the key resource in making change happen, they need strong ongoing leadership support and resources to be able to coach. We have decades of experience and have never met a sales manager that doesn’t want to coach their teams more. The secret is making the framework and the coaching process quick and easy for all involved. We believe that sales managers are the most under resourced part of the selling machine and they have the potential to deliver the greatest impact in all areas of your business if you invest in their development.

Tried and tested

We use only proven processes and intellectual property from the best in the world, Miller Heiman, backed up by the latest in L&D practices to help imbed learning into companies and make it stick for the long term. See more in our Change Behaviours page.